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20 January 2008

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We are a family of three who create a daily vlog on YT, for almost 10 years! We film a show called “RC ADVENTURES” - that focuses on the amazing fun, imagination and creativity a family (and their friends!), can have with the Radio Control (RC) hobby. Our video library is a G-Rated show created about hobby-grade Radio Controlled Trucks, Cars, Planes, Helicopters, Boats, Friends, Family & More! Tips and Tricks, Cinematic's and Fun.. you will find it all here for your enjoyment. I have a great time unboxing models, testing them out, modifying them - and seeing how much fun I can have with them. I host a variety of events throughout the year, and have been making RC related films on YouTube since 2008! The Radio Control products I feature here on the show belong to me, or my friends that are kind enough to let me film them. Come join in on the fun! I hope you stay a while and subscribe :) I have been able to achieve so many of my childhood dreams on this channel.

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    Friday (now) 0 4,385 +308 443,747 ~$1
    Wednesday +5 4,385 +347 443,439 ~$1
    Tuesday +4 4,380 +320 443,092 ~$1
    Monday +4 4,376 +290 442,772 ~$1
    Sunday -1 4,372 +303 442,482 ~$1
    Saturday +6 4,373 +328 442,179 ~$1
    Friday +4 4,367 +278 441,851 ~$1
    Totals last week +22 - +2,174 - $1 - $10
    Average per day +3 - +311 - $0 - $0